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So you're a podcaster … you've got a good show, you want to start looking for sponsors to help cover the costs. You know … it really is amazing at how quickly a free show that starts off as a productive way to pass your time can turn into an expensive hobby .. but anyway …

So you've got a show that people listen to. You want to get 'corporate' sponsors. But how do you sell it to them? You need demographic data. I'm not going to attempt to help you write a pitch letter to the potential sponsors, I'm just going to show you how to extract the data you need. As a side note, gathering this data will also help you make your show better … read on and it'll become apparent.

I'm going to write this piece to the experienced podcaster but novice marketer. Obviously this will be slanted to a guitar oriented podcast format, but you can easily alter it to fit most any niche, especially any 'musician' niche. I'm also assuming that if you're savvy enough to have a podcast you can grasp the basic terminology I'll be using.

The first place to start is by building an Email list. Head over to Aweber and sign up to have them manage your Email list. I'm not going to get into their process, but follow their instructions and create an account.

When you make your first sign up form ask for the minimum amount of information-their name and Email, then maybe ask them 1 or 2 at the most other questions you think are valuable. Such as, what style of music do you play, or how long have you been playing. Essentially we want to throw out some softball questions, things they wont mind answering if they think its going to help make the show better. So you phrase it something like this: in order to get to know our listeners better and focus the show on what you want what style do you primarily play … that type of thing.

The sign up process for everyone on Aweber is a double opt in. Meaning that they have to give their name, and then confirm that they gave their name by clicking a link in an Email. So heres your chance to get a few more nuggets of info. Aweber lets you select what URL they see after clicking the confirmation Email … so on that URL you thank them for singing up and ask them maybe 3 more questions via a survey, and BAM you've got pretty much all the demo info you need, and it never took the reader more than 30 seconds each. Where sending 1 long survey will undoubtedly turn people off and you'll probably get zilch in response.

Now that you've got your demo data, don't be a jerk. Use the info to tweak your show in an attempt to make it better. If you're seeing trends, follow them and see where they lead.


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