6 Reasons Your Podcast Needs a Website

After all the job you place in to create your podcast, the last thing you might seem like doing is investing the time updating a website as well. There are a lot of services that will host your podcast episodes for you that put on ' t need any kind of internet administration on your part whatsoever. Not having actually a site devoted, a minimum of partially, to your podcast is a critical mistake. Right here are 6 reasons that your podcast needs an internet site

· Brand Name Recognition
· Episode Archive
· Audience Communication
· Daily Updates
· Humanize Yourself
· Money Making

Brand Acknowledgment

Structure an effective podcast is not just about putting out new material. If you wish to grow your target market and bring in audiences, one of the very best points you can do is produce, construct, and nurture your brand name. I invest a lot of time speaking about the aspects of a brand name in this write-up. The web site for your podcast is your possibility to draw the listener away from iTunes or Libsyn for a moment and also present them to your brand name. That you are, what your podcast is around and all kinds of various other elements that just wear ' t equate into the podcast medium. Building brand name loyalty amongst your listeners keeps them returning for each new episode and will certainly give you a solid structure in the even you ever before, start a 2nd or 3rd podcast, or enter a few other kind of online venture.

Episode Archive

In time you will collect a big library of podcast episodes. For one factor or an additional you might discover that you put on ' t want iTunes to provide all 150 of your podcast episodes in the directory. Nonetheless, each day there are going to be people discovering your podcast for the very first time and also if they appreciate your podcast they are mosting likely to intend to be able to go back to the beginning and also pay attention to everything they have actually missed out on. Having a site allows you to have a central location where each and every single podcast episode you have generated can be conveniently located by a new listener.

It will additionally provide the opportunity to discover all of the other content that you have on the site that they might not have actually otherwise been subjected to if the only interaction they have with your podcast is with iTunes.

Listener Communication

The site is another method for you to engage with your audiences. While some members of your target market may not really feel like leaving a voicemail or sending you an e-mail directly, they may be going to leave a remark on a post the locate on the site. The remarks portion of your web site is an additional terrific means for you to get in touch with and communicate with your podcast audience. It is likewise a terrific way to remind all of your audiences, beyond the podcast, regarding all of the various means they can contact you: email, voicemail, and so on

Daily Updates

Often there will certainly be information or events connected to either your podcast subject or the podcast itself that is time delicate. It may be that by the time your new podcast episode is released the information will no longer apply or you might have missed a due date. The website is a great resource for immediate communication with your audience to allow them know what is happening now.

Furthermore, there might be some points happening in your particular niche that may not be relevant to your podcast subject but is something that you understand your listeners will have an interest in. A fast blog post on the web site to allow them know what is going on is a wonderful add-on value to your podcast.

One word of care concerning this usage of your web site. The very same policies for your podcast are true with the website. If it is bad top quality content that offers something of advantage to your individual after that it doesn ' t take place the web site. If people that regular your site locate it progressively complete of trash then they will certainly quit going to the website. Constantly make sure to make your website blog posts fascinating with your very own added worth to keep them returning for more.

Humanize Yourself

Depending on the nature of your podcast or your podcast subject, you may discover it tough to simply be yourself often. It may not fit your podcast to be foolish or ironical during the course of the episode. The site is a terrific opportunity to humanize the podcast host for the audiences. March from behind the microphone as well as be an individual, not a podcast host.

Offer your target market a quick upgrade on just how you are doing personally that week. If you are having a difficult time getting encouraged to place out a new episode, inform them, much better yet tell them why. If you saw something that made you consider an e-mail you got from a listener or something you said in a previous episode, bring that approximately.

You may even utilize the site to provide the audiences much more insight right into that you are directly that they could never ever obtain to see during the podcast. Linking with our audience on a human level will provide that a lot more appreciation for you when you obtain back behind the microphone as the podcast host.


For most of you monetization may be among the largest factors for having a web site pertaining to your podcast. Whether you make use of Google AdSense, Affiliate programs, or sell your own items on the web site; in order to generate income podcasting there is truly no chance around having your own internet site. There are a variety of articles right here on http://www.PodcastingTips.com that speak about exactly how to construct a site for your podcast and what your material choices are. Below are some short articles you may locate interesting:


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